At Dapper Gents you can come relax and be treated like a King. Our services are performed by the most experienced stylist and barbers in Michigan . Our trained staff are trained to give you the experience and the pampering a man needs. Dapper Gents Barbershop offers a wide variety of services from Haircuts, fades, tapers, line ups, beard, trims, Hot Shave, Waxing, Massage Therapy, as well as Hand and Foot Grooming.




Signature Shave....$35

20-25 Min

Feel at ease and escape with a Classic hot towel shave. We soothe the face with a pre shave oil to prepare the skin. The skin is then lathered with hot shaving cream. Our skilled stylist uses classic straight razor, to get your skin as smooth as the day you were born. Then we finish with a cool towel to calm the skin and an application of a smoothing and calming post shave balm.

Executive Shave....$45

30-35 Min

Sit back relax and enjoy the most indulgent grooming experience Dapper Gents offers. We start the shave by preparing the skin with a pre-shave exfoliating scrub (this helps removing dead skin cells and ingrown hair follicle). The face is then prepped with a pre shave oil and hot towel to insure a non-irritating, smooth gliding shave. The face is then lathered with hot shaving cream, using our classic or double edged straight razor we ensure to give you the closest shave you’ve ever encountered. After your shave, your experience is not complete until you’ve relaxed with a clay mask to close your pores, soothe, calm, and help your skin fight impurities. The king shave experience concludes with after shave balm to hydrate the freshly shaven skin.